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A Four Part Plan

The first is to do a comprehensive job testing, monitoring, and preserving the water quality of the Squam Watershed Lakes.

We need equipment, tools, and resources to quickly assess what’s occurring so we can prevent problems before they arise. We can no longer address 21st-century challenges with 20th-century means.

Proposed budget: $1,104,000

Second, we need to implement the Watershed Plan itself.

By carrying out the plan in the identified project areas, we will reduce nutrients, contaminants, and sediments throughout the Squam Watershed.

Proposed budget: $3,230,500

Third, we need to upgrade SLA buildings and grounds to better serve as efficient, effective, and sustainable launching pads and educational hubs for our programs and the community.

Creating efficient office and classroom space with green technology will help us to implement the Watershed Plan. Upgrading our water quality lab will allow us to more efficiently monitor lake health, while providing public access to hands-on experiences. The SLA Campus is a microcosm of the Squam watershed, a gateway for educating visitors on sustainably balancing the natural and built environment.

Proposed budget: $1,089,500

Fourth, we need to improve, and in some cases relocate and rebuild, a few of The SLA trails.

Iconic and overused trails, like Rattlesnake, will get attention to curb erosion and improve the watershed. Other trails will be selectively restored to better manage storm runoff. We will also improve access to some trail areas to better educate the public on watershed health and how the land and water interrelate.

Proposed budget: $226,000